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Daylight Membership Benefits

Everything you need to feel your best

Daylight can benefit anyone, whether you are interested in coaching, therapy, optimizing medications, or connecting to the right specialists. Here are a few examples of how Daylight can work for you

One-on-one coaching to hit your goals

Work with a professional Coach over short 30-minute sessions for skills-building and accountability. Popular care plans include: improving sleep, coping with stress or anxiety, increasing focus and executive functioning, and reframing rumination or negative thoughts.

Individualized therapy

Work with a Master-level therapist over 30 or 50-minute sessions. Our therapists are trained to help with a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, emotional disorders, attention and focus, and more.

Medication optimization

Start or modify a medication for anxiety or depression with the help of our integrated care team, overseen by a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, that works directly with your primary care provider to prescribe.

Help navigating specialist appointments

If you need specialist care, Daylight can facilitate a referral and help you get the soonest appointment. We'll also make sure your primary care provider stays in the loop.

At Daylight, we do things differently

Tailored and responsive to you

Our collaborative team at WHASN and Daylight is thinking about you and designing our experience for you as a unique individual. We listen to your preferences. If you don't like the first Coach you are paired with, we will switch you to another match seamlessly

Virtual and in-person touchpoints

We offer touchpoints both virtually and in-person so that getting care can feel as convenient and comfortable as possible. Meet your Care Navigator at WHASN and join your next video visit with your Mental Health Coach from the comfort of your home  

Accessible and affordable

Under a commercial insurance plan, average co-pays are between $0-60 for an entire month of Daylight care.  That includes one-on-one Coaching sessions, unlimited messaging with your Care Team, flexible appointment times, digital content, and more.

In-network with your insurance

Daylight's services are covered as a benefit under your primary care provider
The average Daylight member pays $0-50 per month for live coaching and unlimited messaging

and more...

Our team

Dr Marie Dona


Dr. Marie R. Dona, M.D is a Dual Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Israa Nasir


Israa Nasir is a mental health educator and psychotherapist who has experience working in private practice and in Clinical Operations Leadership roles at digital health startups such as

Tiffany Lin


Prior to starting Daylight, Tiffany was the founding growth leader for Modern Age, a longevity healthcare practice offering a combination of telehealth and in-person clinics backed by Oak HC/FT, Google Ventures, & Juxtapose, the venture studio behind Tend Dental, Orchard Homes, Care/Of vitamins, and more.

Experienced providers focused on kids and teens

Our team of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists brings decades of clinical experience and a passion for helping children and adolescents. We take a science-based approach to behavioral and mental care with a focus on outcomes.

Meet our providers

Reviews of Daylight

My coach is an amazing listener and provides great feedback and remembers everything we talk about in previous sessions to a remarkable degree. She is calm, compassionate and everything I could hope for as a coach and therapist during this difficult time in my adult life. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and will continue to do so!
I am so happy with the overall experience and especially with my coach. I’ve found this to be so helpful and her to be very good at what she does. I’d absolutely recommend to others.
My coach has been amazing. She's attentive, helpful, nonjudgmental, and open to some of my odd topics. She's been very helpful for me to organize my life to be more productive, and has also helped with my relationship with my wife.
I didn't really have expectations about Daylight, but I was excited to try it out. I've been so pleased with the experience so far. My coach has already been super helpful, and I'm excited to continue this mental health journey.
My coach has been very respectful and not only has strong talent in her role, she listens to her patients.
I really like the approach my coach takes. It's not forceful and helps me develop an approach to resolving any challenges may have.
I'm enjoying the process. I like that it has some structure and I work with my Coach on actual goals—obviously with some context, but it's not just talking confidentially to a friend.  It's focused on resolving issues and how to correct things, not just talking about it.

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We help kids and families thrive

Daylight provides therapy for children and adolescents in New York and Texas, online and in-person—covered by your insurance.